We can help you optimize performance and reduce costs by up to 50% with call centers in Nicaragua!

Call centers in Nicaragua mapIf your company is searching for a call center and is considering nearshore outsourcing in Central America, we recommend you consider call centers in Nicaragua. Many call center vendors in Nicaragua are located in the capital city of Managua, which can be reached via a three-hour flight from Miami to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport. Managua has over two million citizens and call center positions are some of the highest paying service industry jobs in Nicaragua, thus the job market is highly competitive and gives call centers the opportunity to hire only the highest quality agents. The service industry is the top industry in Nicaragua and call centers have thousands of agents with bilingual (English and Spanish) capabilities.

Our Nicaraguan call center partners are highly successful in providing a high level customer experience along with state-of-the-art multi-channel technologies with strong redundancy and reporting capabilities. They can help you reduce costs by up to 50% and serve a variety of industries including direct response (DRTV), financial services, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, wireless, cable/satellite, e-commerce, non-profit, and more!

Nicaraguan call center services include:

• Customer Service
• Inbound Sales
• Up-Selling to Existing Customers
• Outbound Calling
• Customer Care & Tech Support
• Lead Generation
• Retention / Win Back
• E-mail Support
• Live Chat Support
• Social Media Customer Service
• 24/7 Operation
• Complete Disaster Recovery & Redundancy Options
• And many more!

Executives are realizing the significant benefits of outsourcing to call centers in Nicaragua by enhancing their customer experience and strengthening their ROI. In addition to cost savings of up to 50% off of USA outsourcing rates, some key benefits of outsourcing your call center to Nicaragua are:

• Highly-qualified call center agents
• Bilingual capabilities (English and Spanish)
• Increased customer satisfaction due to scalability and broader capabilities

Let our 20-year outsourcing experts help you find top performing and high quality call centers in Nicaragua — at no cost.

If you are considering outsourcing with a Nicaraguan call center, we can help! Outsource Consultants are call center experts with over 20 years of outsourcing industry experience and have spent thousands of hours vetting and leveraging the strengths and specializations of the industry leading call centers in Nicaragua. Let us help you find the call center that best fits your requirements.

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