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US based Call Center

You aren’t just selecting an outsource call center. You are selecting a partner that is an extension of your business and culture. Your choice must be compatible, experienced, reliable and cost effective. We can help you save time and reduce costs by finding a US-based outsource call center that fits all of your requirements, at no cost.

Nearshore Call Center

Demand for high quality English and bilingual call center services, reduction in telecom rates, emergence of the Internet, proximity to the US, and the highly educated labor force. We can help you reduce costs up to 50% by finding a nearshore call center that best fits your exact requirements, at no cost.

Offshore Call Center

Call center outsourcing to offshore locations, such as India, Africa and the Philippines, has been growing rapidly over the last decade. Executives are realizing that they can reduce costs up to 70% while enhancing their customer experience and strengthening their ROI by call center outsourcing. We can help you find the offshore call center that best fits your exact requirements, at no cost.
Why Outsource With Us?

If you're looking for an outsource call center for your company, we understand it can be a difficult task. There are over ten thousand call center vendors around the world and choosing the best option for your requirements can very challenging. Fortunately, we can help by doing the groundwork and research for you!

Outsource Consultants is a call center referral and advisory firm that helps companies find the best high-performing outsource call centers. Our experts have over 24 years of call center and BPO outsourcing industry experience and have vetted and screened over 300 of the finest nearshore, offshore and U.S. based call centers and can match you with the best options that will meet your exact requirements, AT NO COST. This provides you value by saving you time, reducing costs and ensuring you find a high quality and top performing outsource call center that will be the perfect fit.


Our process is a simple and easy three-step approach:


Free Evaluation

We’ll assess your call center outsourcing needs with an initial consultation. We will learn about your organization's background, culture, and key call center outsourcing requirements.

Extensive Vendor Search

We'll perform an extensive database search to narrow down the top call centers that are the best fit for your company. Our vendor database has extensive details on each of our call center partners including market expertise, technology, compliance, locations, language, pricing, certifications, and many more criteria. We fully understand each call center’s DNA and will provide you with only the most qualified vendors that meet your exact outsourcing requirements.

Recommendations & Comparative Analysis

After searching and finding the most qualified call centers, we’ll provide you with 3-5 call center cost proposals and a comparative side-by-side competitive analysis to further assist you with your outsource call center selection process. After making your selection, we will track performance to assure our partners perform to your standards and meet your KPIs through consistent follow-up with you and your call center partner.

What our clients say about working with Outsource Consultants

See why our clients trust Outsource Consultants to help them find the perfect fit outsource call center
Working with Outsource Consultants has been an amazingly easy process. They took my project and requirements and were able to seek out the best options for my needs. The work they completed helped fast track my vendor sourcing project. The Outsource Consultants team is very flexible and made working with them a breeze. I highly recommend them.

Director of Operations

Leading Marketing and Business Analytics Provider
Outsource Consultants are true contact center professionals. My dealings with them have always been professional, courteous and most of all fruitful. When working with Outsource Consultants you sense that they care about finding the perfect solution for your outsourcing objectives and matching us with the right call center partner. Outsource Consultants has introduced me to some remarkable call centers that are a reflection of who they are, call center industry experts! Outsource Consultants is definitely a "go to" call center industry resource ​ ​and I highly recommend them.


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