Optimize performance and reduce costs by up to 50% with call centers in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is one of the best nearshore locations a company can choose to outsource their call center services. As a nation, Costa Rica is one of the most politically stable locations in Latin America with one of the best educational systems and living standards. These components of Costa Rican life contribute to highly educated, highly skilled call center agents. These factors make Costa Rica a great call center outsourcing option for your company.

Costa Rica call centerCosta Rican call centers are great options for companies needing inbound services such as customer service, tech support, and up-selling, and for outbound services such as sales, lead generation, and telemarketing. While companies in every industry can benefit substantially from outsourcing to a Costa Rican call center, companies in the telecommunications, technology, tourism, travel, and hospitality industries have proven to have high levels of success.

Executives are realizing the significant benefits of outsourcing to call centers in Costa Rica by enhancing their customer experience and strengthening their ROI. In addition to cost savings of up to 50%, some key benefits of outsourcing your call center to Costa Rica are:

  • Highly-qualified, English and Spanish speaking agents
  • Highly-skilled, educated agents with diverse backgrounds
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to scalability and broader capabilities

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