Acquire more customers, increase your revenue, and reduce churn by using outsourced telecom and cable call centers.

Outsource Consultants has an outstanding track record in helping grow profitability for the telecom and cable industries. Our highly experienced telecom and cable call centers have acquired millions of new residential and business customers. We have the finest technical support call centers in the industry that provide the engaging and informative communication your customers demand so you can focus on your highest priorities.

Reduce customer churn by maintaining world-class customer service.

telecommunications call centerTelecom and cable subscribers are known to change providers frequently, always seeking improved service. The telecom call centers of Outsource Consultants will enrich your customers’ experience, thus retaining and growing your revenue base.  Let Outsource Consultants find you a telecom or cable call center partner (onshorenearshore, or offshore) that is the best fit for your company objectives.

Likewise, our technical support call centers deliver the clear and intelligent solutions that will delight your customers. Put our 25 years of call center industry expertise to work for you. Outsource Consultants have the knowledge and solutions that can help you win in the global marketplace.

Whether you need outbound sales to acquire new customers, inbound sales, customer care, technical support, customer win-back, consulting services, or specialized customer service, Outsource Consultants has the knowledge and experience you need to succeed. Our outsource call center partners offer:

Tele Sales (Inbound and Outbound) Cross-Sales and Up-Sells
Customer Win-Back and Retention New Connects
Order Entry Bundle Package Sales (Triple Play)
Customer Care and Service Activation and Disconnects
Technical Support Billing Support
Relationship Management Customer Lifestyle Management
Third-Party Verification Spanish-Speaking Programs

We support all of these platforms:

    • Telephony (Local and Long Distance)
    • Network Services
    • Wireless
    • High Speed Internet
    • Broadband
    • WiFi
    • Television (Cable and Satellite)

To find an outsource call center partner that will help you acquire new customers, retain long-term customers, and delight current customers, turn to Outsource Consultants. We’ll take your customer service from good to great!

Outsource Consultants helps reduce the risks of outsourcing and cost you nothing. Our offerings include:

  • Providing referrals to cable and outsource telecommunications call centers that are the best match and the most cost effective
  • Delivering industry insight and recommendations
  • Profiling and carefully screening potential call centers
  • Recommending call centers by category based on capabilities, skill sets, call type expertise, and experience
  • Evaluating the cost benefits and pricing for USAnearshore, or offshore call centers
  • Ensuring that any and all centers we find for you follow best practices, start on time, deliver immediate performance and sales benefits, and maintain that competitive advantage

Trust Outsource Consultants to identify the best outsource telecom and cable call centers for you.

Outsource Consultants has over 25 years of outsourcing industry experience and has spent thousands of hours learning the strengths and specializations of the most experienced cable and outsource telecommunications call centers. Let us help you find the call center that fits your requirements at NO charge!

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