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map of Co-operative Republic of GuyanaAre you looking for a nearshore call center outsourcing location that can provide great English-speaking agents who deliver high-quality customer service? Guyana has gained recognition as a nearshore option because it provides many advantages, including proximity to the US and a native English-speaking labor force. Guyana has been active in the BPO sector for the last ten years. The industry has been a main driver of job creation, with the growth there accelerating most notably over the last five years. The democratic government is committed to supporting this growth by actively seeking ways to bolster the supporting infrastructures – telecommunications, education and transportation, as well as encourage new business development through economic incentives.

Guyana’s BPO industry is mostly contained within the country’s capital and largest city, Georgetown, with a labor pool drawn from the surrounding metropolitan area, home to nearly one third of the country’s total population. The city is not only the seat of the Guyanese government but also the headquarters for CARICOM, an organization of fifteen Caribbean nations charged with promoting economic integration and cooperation among its members. In addition, Georgetown is home to several first-rate educational institutions such as the University of Guyana, the School of Nations, the Royal Academy, the Business School of Georgetown and the Guyana Technical Institute. Global Technology, Guyana’s largest private technology training center is also headquartered in Georgetown.

Guyana’s location on the North Atlantic coast of South America is ideal for a Latin American country because it takes only a couple of hours to reach by flight from the United States. Guyana also shares the Eastern Time Zone with the United States, which means your company can provide customer service during standard business hours.

One thing that sets Guyana apart from the rest of South America is that the country’s official language is English. In addition, Guyana shares many similarities with the United States on a cultural level. Both of these factors will mean that your customers will receive a satisfying customer experience because they will be able to connect easily with the Guyanese call center agents. These Guyana call center agents are highly trained and highly educated and they can provide your company with excellent service, whether it’s inbound, outbound, or back office BPO!

Executives are realizing the significant benefits of outsourcing to call centers in Guyana by enhancing their customer experience and strengthening their ROI. In addition to cost savings of up to 50%, some key benefits of outsourcing your call center to Guyana are:

  • – Call center agents with strong English-speaking skills
  • – Increased customer satisfaction due to scalability and broader capabilities
  • – A labor pool that is young, educated, and highly motivated to pursuing the BPO industry as a career path
  • – Proximity to the US has resulted in a strong affinity with American culture
  • – Democratic government with strong political ties to the US and a commitment to facilitate the growth and expansion of the BPO industry
  • – Stable, growing economy and low labor costs result in competitive pricing structure for BPO services.

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