Optimize performance and reduce costs by up to 50% with call centers in El Salvador!

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Call centers in El Salvador are the perfect choice for your company’s inbound customer service, outbound sales, and telemarketing needs due to their bilingual agents who speak English and Spanish. Similar to other Latin American locations, Salvadorian call center agents are familiar with American culture and deliver high-quality customer experience due to the rising number of citizens who spent time living and studying in the United States.

In addition to the high-quality call centers, another reason to outsource to El Salvador is the close proximity to the United States. The average plane flight is roughly three hours, which means your travel to the call center will be easy. This is a key advantage for your company because the site visits will be affordable and can be more frequent. This enables you to have easy visibility on the Salvadorian call center’s performance and execution of your company’s inbound and outbound operations.

If your company needs a call center that is more cost-effective than your current call center, El Salvador provides great options. The Salvadorian call center industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, with Fortune 500 companies opening new centers in major cities such as San Salvador. A call center in El Salvador can benefit your company greatly, whether your industry is travel and hospitality, telecommunications, retail, or any other market!

Executives are realizing the significant benefits of outsourcing to call centers in El Salvador by enhancing their customer experience and strengthening their ROI. In addition to cost savings of up to 50%, some key benefits of outsourcing your call center to El Salvador are:

  • Highly-qualified agents with a solid understanding of English and Spanish
  • Highly-skilled, educated agents with diverse backgrounds
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to scalability and broader capabilities

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