If you’re considering outsourcing with a South Africa Call Center, we can help!

Executives are realizing they can enhance their company’s customer experience and strengthen their ROI by outsourcing to high performing call centers in South Africa. South African call centers have a talented workforce, and the call center agents have accents that are very neutral-sounding for customers who call from the United Kingdom. For companies in America, an additional benefit to the talented workforce is that outsourcing to a South African call center can reduce your call center costs by up to 50% versus rates in the United States.

Benefits of outsourcing with a South Africa call center:

  • Up to 50% cost reduction (versus U.S. rates)
  • High quality, accent-neutral English speaking agents
  • A solid workforce with excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to scale capacity
  • Extensive inbound and outbound expertise
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Our services reduce your risk of outsourcing and cost you nothing. They include:

  • South African call centersProviding referrals to call centers in South Africa that are the best fit and cost effective based upon your requirements
  • Providing industry insight into the best English speaking call centers
  • Profiling and carefully screening potential South African call centers for compliance and stability
  • Presenting recommended South African call centers by category based on capabilities, skill sets, call type expertise, languages, and vertical market experience
  • Providing you with a cost benefit analysis and pricing
  • Ensuring that the centers we find for you are high quality, and will deliver immediate ROI, performance and sales results

Let our 25-year outsourcing experts help you find a top performing and high quality South Africa call center — at no cost.

If you are considering outsourcing with a South African call center, we can help! Outsource Consultants are call center experts with over 25 years of outsourcing industry experience and have spent thousands of hours vetting and leveraging the strengths and specializations of the industry leading South Africa call centers. Let us help you find the call center that best fits your requirements.

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