What You Should Expect From Your Customers…

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In his recent article, Ian Golding poses an interesting question to companies: What do you expect from your customers? It’s a question many companies never think about because the focus is always on what they can do to meet their customers’ expectations. Though it’s a challenging question to answer definitively, Golding says that customers should have a clear understanding of things such as what your company can do for them, how your company’s product or service works and what you want their experience to be, and who to contact at your company with any inquiries. (more…)

5 Biggest Mistakes In Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer journey mapping has been rising in popularity in recent years as a topic all over the internet, including our own blog. There are various reasons why companies are starting to use journey mapping when creating their customer experience (CX) program, but the primary reason is that it helps explain important information in a relatable way that helps people better understand the necessity for CX programs. Understanding the customer’s journey and their outlook on your company can provide a great help when trying to update your CX program or create a brand new one. However, the reality with creating a customer journey map is that people are bound to make mistakes that can hinder the success of a CX program. In his recent article, Brian Doyle presents the five biggest mistakes he sees in customer journey mapping. 


Increasing Customer and Employee Satisfaction with Knowledge Base Management Systems

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It’s a moment of truth. Your customer has made contact with your business – they’ve called you, started a chat session, found your web site, sent you a fax, or walked in to your storefront. Your customer’s experience of your company and brand is made up of many of these moments of truth – and your goal is that the sum total of these experiences will add up to satisfaction and loyalty. (more…)