4 Reasons To Transition Your Contact Center To The Cloud

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A recent article by Neha Mirchandani discusses cloud-based contact center solutions and how they can improve a company’s customer experience. Many companies are now shifting to using cloud contact center solutions and one of the driving factors for this migration is to accommodate the growing need for multichannel customer experiences. Everything from traditional phone service, to email and chat services, to social media service needs to be fully integrated and offering consistent information to customers. Cloud solutions can assist with the evolution to multichannel service at a cheaper price and with more flexibility than traditional contact center systems. Mirchandani provides the following four reasons to transition your contact center to the cloud. (more…)

3 Reasons Mobile Messaging Improves Customer Service

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Smart phones are everywhere! It seems that no matter where you are, you’re guaranteed to see a multitude of people with their eyes glued to their phone for a variety of reasons. With thousands of apps and the entire internet at people’s fingertips, it seems logical that every company should have a mobile app to serve their customers, right? Not necessarily, according to a recent article by Ian Jacobs. The reality is, people will delete an app on their phone if it’s geared specifically to serve a brand and offers nothing unique or interesting for the user. Jacobs says that only the most loyal customers will use a brand’s app. If companies want to serve their customers on their mobile devices, the best way for them to accomplish it is by utilizing messenger services through Facebook and text messaging. Jacobs offers the following three reasons companies should use mobile messaging to improve their customer service. (more…)

6 Key Layers To A Successful Customer Experience Program

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While most people agree that a great customer experience is one of the most valuable things for a company to have, there’s often confusion on the specifics of customer experience. In his recent article, Jeffrey Mack points out that companies often have uncertainty with customer experience details like which department/group owns it, what technology is necessary to support it, and what/how to measure it. Mack offers an interesting concept that customer experience is similar to a layer cake. Like a cake, a great customer experience program has ingredients and separate layers that all contribute to the same final goal. Mack goes into detail on the following six key layers to a successful customer experience layer cake. (more…)

5 Ways To Gain Valuable Customer Feedback

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If you’re looking to learn more about your customers, a recent article by Nancy Porte has you covered. While traditional customer surveys may still be useful and can provide a great start to developing a company’s customer experience program, Porte points out that people are gradually becoming less likely to respond to them. In addition, surveys only give companies a high level overview of how customers view your company; they don’t give you too much detail. Porte gives the following five methods to learn more from your customers. (more…)

6 Ways Companies Can Show Customer Appreciation

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What’s a great way to earn loyalty from people? Always show them you love and appreciate them. In his article, Jeremy Watkin draws a parallel between showing appreciation to loved ones in your life and the relationship companies can have with their customers. While romance isn’t a part of the customer/company relationship, there are many lessons companies can learn from successful personal relationships. Watkins provides the following six ways companies can show their customers that they appreciate them.


Benefits of Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

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Perry Price, President of Revation Systems, recently wrote an article about a hot trend that’s been occurring in the call center industry and pretty much every other customer-centric industry; cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). Companies are utilizing SaaS technology in an effort to integrate communication while improving their existing capabilities. Cloud software is flexible to be customized to every company’s need and are easy to use and integrate because they’re located entirely on the internet. (more…)

4 Ways Call Centers Help Healthcare Providers Deliver Superior Care

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Customer experience is valuable in most, if not all, industries. Often, the quality of customer experience in the call center is critical in fostering customer loyalty and maintaining a steady revenue. However, there is one industry where the call center experience is more important than customer loyalty and revenue; the healthcare industry. Customer experience in the healthcare industry is about ensuring accurate and sensitive information is given to patients in an empathetic and caring way while maintaining high standards and compliance. In his recent article, Fred Chua gives four ways call center services can help healthcare providers deliver superior care to patients. (more…)

Can Artificial Intelligence Provide Real Value In The Customer Experience?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is back into the mix as a popular technological tool and a trendy topic for discussion. In his recent article, Vince Jeffs likens the path of AI in corporate culture to a comet. Unlike other technological trends that rise for a period of time and then fall into obscurity if they don’t provide value, AI seems to have a path like a comet where it appears, disappears, reappears, etc. Every time AI makes an appearance, people become entranced by it and looks for ways they can implement it into their company. Jeffs article dives deeper into this phenomenon and examines whether AI in the customer experience can provide real value, or if it’s superficial and will eventually fade away. (more…)

What You Should Expect From Your Customers…

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In his recent article, Ian Golding poses an interesting question to companies: What do you expect from your customers? It’s a question many companies never think about because the focus is always on what they can do to meet their customers’ expectations. Though it’s a challenging question to answer definitively, Golding says that customers should have a clear understanding of things such as what your company can do for them, how your company’s product or service works and what you want their experience to be, and who to contact at your company with any inquiries. (more…)