Inbound Call Center Solutions

Inbound call center solutionsMany customers are looking for the traditional inbound call center solutions such as high-quality customer experience delivered by voice-based inbound call center agents. But inbound call centers also offer many multichannel solutions for your company. If you want to deliver the ultimate customer experience, we can match you with the multichannel inbound call center solutions that best fit your requirements. These solutions include:

  • Outsourced Email Services: Email is becoming a favorite communication channel among customers when seeking information from companies. Your customers can receive 24/7 customer experience through via email by utilizing an outsourced email service. These call centers use technology that integrates their ACD queues and with their email response system.
  • Live Chat Support: In the modern age, customers want to be able to contact a company representative instantly, 24 hours a day. Being able to respond to your customers immediately can dramatically boost your web sales and decrease shopping cart abandonment.
  • Social Media Customer Service: Customers are reaching out to your company on social media. Are you able to respond to them? Social media customer service can protect your company’s image while delivering high-quality customer experience instantly at any time. In addition, social media customer service can encourage customer engagement and help build brand loyalty.

Inbound Call Center Software

Inbound call center softwareIn addition to our inbound call center solutions, we can also match you with the best-fit inbound call center software solutions. These inbound call center software solutions include:

  • CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management): Our call center partners have the CRM systems that can provide call center agents with the most updated information on your customers to fully personalize the customer experience.
  • IVR Systems (Interactive Voice Response Services): These systems enable your company to resolve customer issues automatically without needing to route the call to a live agent. The software identifies callers and their specific query and gives the customer instruction via phone keypad. This technology allows your call center agents to focus more on their tasks while still providing customer service to all of your customers.
  • Cloud Call Center Software: The cloud can help you improve your existing call center capabilities while streamlining your business processes. The cloud integrates with all of your existing call center technology and includes benefits such as automatic call distribution (ACD) and predictive dialers, cloud routing, digital recording, call tracking, customized IVR, and more!
  • ACD Systems: Automatic Call Distribution systems can have a great impact on your inbound call volume. The ACD system routes incoming customer calls to the call center agents with the best skill-set to handle the specific issue. This not only makes your call center more efficient, it also creates a better quality customer experience by putting the best agent on the call right away.

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